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Posted by on Friday, December 23, 2011 Under: Bedding
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I was surfing through the Channels on TV late Saturday night and I stumbled across a informercial talking about the world's greatest pillow. I first thought to myself "Oh Great this must be another gimmick because how can they be saying it's the most comfortable pillow you'll ever own"? So I decided to order them and here's my review:

Product: A lot of people may be wondering a pillow is a pillow right? I thought the same thing until I came across this one of a kind pillow. My Pillow combines cooling technology into their pillows so you never need to worry about getting hot at night and turning the pillow over. My Pillow Company is based in Minnesota and is proudly made in the USA!!. My pillow offers 5 different levels from very soft to very firm based on colors. Yellow has the least amount of fill and it is the softest, followed by White, Green, Blue and finally red. What makes this product so unique is the interlocking technology of the material. Best thing of all is you control how high you want the support level to go. To lock in the material you just simply tap the two sides and push in at the same time and it will raise the pillow to where you need it. Plus best of all is the company promises it'll be the most comfortable pillow you'll ever own or your money back. They also promise the pill ow will never go flat. The also offer a 10 year warranty and the reason why is that the pillows are made to last just that long- 10 years. The Pillows also have a special lining that will repel dust mites etc..

Customer Service 5/5: Probably the best customer service people I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Their support line is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so you're able to call on your time. Most customer service departments are only open to 6 or 7 at night and a lot of people are unable to call before then due to work schedules. Best of all is if you order the wrong color level Pillow, give customer service a call and they will ship out a different level free of charge. My wife likes a firm pillow so I decided to order 2 blue to start with. She tried using it the first night and said it was just too thick. I did like that level but it was just a tad bit thick for me. So I called up customer support and I had them order a white level for my wife and a Green Level for myself. 

If none of the levels work for you, they are even able to custom make you a pillow meaning say you Blue was a little too thick for you but you felt green was too soft. Well they can make a pillow that is in between those two different color levels. My advice is for the ladies to start out with the White Level and if you feel that is too soft then move up to the Green level. Guys- Start out with the Green Level and if you feel that is too soft for you then move up the Blue.

Price: 5/5 - Their Standard Pillows which are queen size go for 79.95. A lot of people at first might think " I'm not paying that much for a pillow when I can get one for 20 bucks in the store" True, you can get one for 20 bucks in the store but it doesn't come with a 10 year warranty, probably not made in the USA and you'll have to buy a new one a year or less later. My pillow does offer 25% off your pillow purchase so it breaks down to if you buy 1 Pillow it's 79.95 - 25% discount (19.98) = 59.97 + 9.99 S&H = 69.97. If you buy 2 it's $159.95- 25% discount ($39.97) = $119.98+ $9.99 S&H = $129.97. So the more you buy the more you save. No matter how big your order is, you only pay a flat rate of $9.99 for shipping and handling. There are pillows in the store that cost $100.00 and don't come close to lasting 10 years. You do save $$ on buying this pillow because the average American buys 3 or more pillows a year. Pillow companie s want you to buy their pillows because they make them go flat on purpose so that they profit from you buying more which results in you spending more of your hard earned money. I've bought the $10-100 pillows in the store and nothing is as good for the price and quality as My Pillow is. Look at all the pillows in the stores and I bet you won't find a single one made in the USA.

Overall 5/5: My Pillow gets a high rating because their pillows are made right here in the USA. All of their materials they get are USA Materials. Nothing and I mean Nothing that goes into their pillows are brought in from countries like China, Japan etc. They have workers making these pillows by hand.


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