Costume/Generic/Non-Fine Jewelry

This Costume Jewelry section was the idea of  Ashley V. Hannan and the text and links above the white line are her's

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This blog about fake/cheap jewelry that most tween/teen girls love to buy....and the dangers: http://madeinusachallenge.com/2011/claires/

As for the generic, everyday jewelry that isn't "real", 

I know that www.1928.com has most of their jewelry made in California: http://www.1928.com/jewelry-made-in-usa  "1928 Jewelry Co. designs and builds many of our jewelry styles right here in Burbank, California. The process starts with our talented design team who sketch and hand craft samples. Once the design is finished, the models go through the casting process where they are hand buffered to perfection. From there, the jewelry gets plated and is antiqued to give it that famous vintage look! Next, the jewelry gets decorated with hand enameling and/or stone setting. "

http://kieljamespatrick.com/   Bracelets, belts, ties, and earrings "Our fabrics are all purchased locally, from Rhode Island and Boston area businesses, and the nautical rope we use comes from T.W. Evan in Cranston, Rhode Island. Even our production is based in my home state of Rhode Island. 
Our five-room design studio, which is also the KJP headquarters, is in Rhode Island, just a few miles from where I grew up. As we expand our product lines and grow the Kiel James Patrick brand, I will continue supporting local businesses, and providing new jobs to the people from my community."


 Shade Tree Studio  

Shade Tree Studio makes Modern Vintage jewelry in Loveland Colorado.

Each piece from Paige's Treasure Box is hand crafted and will be unique in design.

Recycled Skateboard Jewelry Collection by Chadwick


Dirty Librarian Chains Jewelry is Hand Crafted in NYC