Contributed By Ashley V Hannan 

Thanks Ahsley

 And for fun.... There are actually some people out there offering their assembling services (in the USA) to help others build their jewelry business.

http://www.melindesign.com "How the process works:
You provide us with the materials for your piece along with a sample or image. We will create the piece following your specific instruction. You in turn will receive a technically correct, beautiful, finished piece.

Upon request we can provide you a list of several jewelers we work with. They range from from base metal mass production companies to the finest high end jewelers that work in 18kt gold with the most precious stones imaginable.

Dedicated to Quality Work
If you are a small and upcoming designer who wants to keep your work in the United States, please give us a call or e-mail us your wishes. We are dedicated to small businesses in providing you quality, handmade work. Getting the work done in a timely matter that gives you the breathing room to design more, expand your business, increase profits. Let us be your one stop choice for all your handcrafted jewelry needs. All guaranteed. Call or e-mail for price quotes on assembling anything for your needs. Keeping it in the USA.

We are sensitive to the privacy of your creative processes and offer full confidentiality, signing non-disclosure agreements if requested."