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 So, I bought my wedding set from Wexford Jewelers (through etsy.com) but they do have their own website and a store in Cadillac, Michigan as well. Their website is www.wexfordjewelers.com  My wedding set is BEAUTIFUL!  And definitely ONE OF A KIND as no one else in my group of girlfriends has it! 

"The other fine jewelry store I also know of is www.JamesAvery.com , it has its headquarters in Kerrville, Texas. They manufacture the jewelery in the USA. A friend of mine has a father that works at one of the stores in Texas, too. Real gold, real sterling silver, and real diamonds. Beautiful designs."

Other shops include www.davidmorgan.com "Almost all the jewelry we offer is made here in the USA. The exceptions are a few pieces of Celtic jewelry which are made in Wales, and Terence Warbey's jewelry, made in Canada."

http://www.diviene.com "Every fine piece is made here in America with the highest standard in quality, precision and craftsmanship.Despite the almost extinction of manufacturers in the United States and the outsourcing trend from overseas, over the years, diViene has managed to keep everything local and original… this ensures that the highest quality standard is consistently carried on."

www.Gemvara.com  "jewelry is made in the United States. Our chains and a few of our components like findings are imported."

http://www.ralphsingerjewelry.com  "We continue to cast our jewelry from the original molds dating back to 1921 and only use the finest materials. We take pride in our craft and in our unique jewelry designs. Each piece of jewelry made to order and hand-set in our factory. We can proudly say that it is made completely in the USA."

www.janebasch.com "Handcrafted Personalized Jewelry  by Jane Basch- Made in The USA."

http://www.carolynpollack.com  "At Carolyn Pollack Jewelry, "Made in the USA" is more than a slogan, it is one of our core values. While many jewelry manufacturers find it more profitable to outsource work to other countries, we've chosen to make "Made in the USA" a solid commitment to our country and customers. In addition to providing jobs for Americans, making our jewelry here in America also allows us to ensure the quality of every single piece we make. We've had to make a few concessions with this philosophy. For instance, there are a few stonecutters left in the U.S., so many of our stones and beads are outsourced internationally. We carefully select our suppliers, though, to ensure we work with companies that share our values and provide the highest quality gemstones. Everything else, from design, casting, stone setting, and assembly, is made here at our state-of-the-art facility in Albuquerque by skilled artists and craftspeople."

http://ostaszstudio.com/index2.html "Ostasz Studio has been the creative ground for the best minds in fine jewelry engineering serving top luxury goods houses in New York City and worldwide.

Each exquisitely finished jewelry piece starts with a unique seed, be it a distinctive or rare gemstone or a unique, personal vision that requires the collaboration of experts to bring to it's most wearable, desirable fruition."