It's time for everyone to join the Campaign

to support training for skilled workers

to keep jobs in America!

Despite record unemployment, 52% of 1,300 manufacturers

can't find skilled workers to fill open jobs!



Between now and 2020, America will have a shortfall of some 10 million skilled workers.  This shortage will be met only by increasing the skills training pipeline so that millions of young people and transitional workers qualify for the jobs industry needs filled now and in the future.

Please join with John Ratzenberger and the Center for America in a national non-partisan, non-political campaign to publicize America's need to expand skills training opportunities in communities across America. It's free to join!





Join the Campaign!

Sign the Pledge!



Here are some of the formal endorsements for the Campaign  from organizations encouraging their members and employees to sign the Pledge:

  • Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE)

  • American Electric Power

  • Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • American Association of Managing General Agents

  • National Tooling and Machining Association

  • Precision Metalforming Association

  • USA Science and Engineering Festival

  • Jackson Area Manufacturers Association


  • Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers

  • Amigo Mobility International


The Campaign goal is to enlist one million Americans to sign the web pledge to volunteer in support of local programs of their choice. The Campaign is highlighting a wide variety of model training programs and initiatives to illustrate ways people can support expanded skill training.  One example: listen to the  audio interview we did with Larry Bock, Executive Director of the USA Science and Engineering Festival program that encourages more than a million students, teachers and parents to get involved in these disciplines. 


What Can You Do to Help?


1)  Join the Campaign by signing the Pledge if you haven't already done so.


2)  Download and forward this PDF invitation about the pledge to friends and family in companies, unions, trade associations, foundations, school systems and others so that they will learn about the Campaign and encourage their organizations to support the Pledge with communications and publicity.


Through this sustained national media campaign, the urgent need to strengthen our training infrastructure will gain the greater public support and become the subject of a major national dialog. We hope you will want to join the Campaign to help achieve this goal!



What You Can Do in Your Community to Make a Difference!


John Ratzenberger's Bio for Download

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For More Information:

Karen Kaplowitz,

Vice President, 888-890-4240


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