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Mantis Tillers

The Mantis Tiller is still assembled in a small factory in suburban

 PhiladelphiaSee the ad in the blue section to left.

Military Handbag

Abandoned in attics, isolated in closets, retired, forgotten... gives the Military Uniform a

 second chance as a carefully crafted, tangible display of Pride

 allowing you to keep your American Hero by your side. Our

 creations serve as a personal, constant reminder of loved ones

 that have just returned, are presently serving, or have sacrificed their

 lives defending our country

  Zotter the Potter

Cookie Jar

Gifts, pottery, personalized, anniversary, Christmas, wedding

Bryer's Choice Ltd.
Byers' Choice LTD.

Bringing the special warmth and traditions of Christmas into your home.

Rifkin Contract Sewing

Quality contract sewing


Adooka logo
organic clothing

 Keystone Weaving Mills        


 Ener-Gel Insoles

For the past 20 years our family owned business has delivered on our 
promise to provide the most cushioned and comfortable insoles at a price
 our customers will appreciate with the Made in the USA
 Ener-Gel Insoles Brand.


Baking pans

Anderson & Stauffer


The Modified Square Co.



The Rodon Group

Plastic injection molding       

 Kepner Scott Shoe Co.

Children's Shoes

Datum Filing Systems, Inc. |

iling systems

Xootr Folding Bicycles


Not all Woolrich is made in USA only some!


Shop Vac 

Shop Vacuums

Emotion Kayaks

GWiz Products


Quilt Racks, Quilt Hangers, Speaker Stands 



PDY Systems

LIFT-n-LOK™ Tool Box 

SnowStorm Snowmaking, LLC

Snow making equipment for the home

Brookwood Leather
Brookwood Leather |
Guitar Straps



Channel Lock


The Quoit Factory

Quoit games

Deka; East Penn manufacturing co. inc.: Lead-acid Battery Manufacturer




Tools for for earth travelers

Wendell August

America's premier metalcrafter since 1923.  We create handcrafted gifts for life's special moments.

Woodsman's Pal


Buckwheat Glory

Buckwheat Pillows


Mighty MacMid-Tine Merry TillerEasy AugerMerry Commercial

Residential and Commercial Lawn Equipment 

Bill's Khakis

Pants, shirts and belts bu Bill's Khakis

Men's Shirts by Long Shot Apparel

Fanny Warmer

Now what is a Fanny Warmer you say. Well is just that us it when 
you are hunting, sledding, snowmobiling, 
Snow shoveling,
 Ice fishing, skiing, Four wheeling, hiking, Ice hockey, Chopping 
wood , watching foot ball, Snowball fights and skating. 
You may even think of a new use!

Goss Inc

Choose from our wide selection of soldering, brazing, welding, heating 

torches and related accessories.

 Double H Boot Company  


Cookware by All-Clad

Brookville Glove

Work Gloves by Brookville Glove

Alaska Stove Company
Alaska Stove Home 

 Eldreth Pottery

 L.E. Smith Glass Company

Toys by Block n Roll

Union Shirt Supply

Pottery by Bujno

Aluminum Chairs by Emeco

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Artex Knitting Mill

Toys by Knex

Cookware by Pyrex

Channel Craft

Authentic American Toys, Games and Puzzles 

Baker Stove

Wood Stoves by Baker

Martin & Company

Guitars by Martin & Company

Kobold Watch Company

Watches by Kobold

Holgate Toy Company

Asher's Candy Company

Bollman Hat Company

Bollman Hats Logo

Case XX Knives

Zippo Manufacturing Company


Blue Star

Rangers for the home

Mack Trucks

Big Trucks

Diamond Back

Truck Covers by Diamond Back

Gone Foofie

Handcrafted, luxury footstools by Gone Foofie

The Jesse B. Collection 
The Jesse B Collection Handbags Purses Clutches
The Jesse B. Collection is an emerging designer handbag label that
 limited edition fashion accessories that are handmade.

D. Landreth Seed Company

Since 1784, the D. Landreth Seed Company has been providing seeds to America.
 Help save them for feature generations buy placing a order.

The Innovation Factory

The Innovation Factory offers products for safe winter driving and have
 introduced the Handy/Rescue and Trucker’s Friend multi-tools for 
year round use.

Standout Designs 

Standout Designs offers high-quality wood audio-video furniture direct to the 
customer. Our designs are made from actual lumber and made in the USA

Beherenberg Glass Company

Beherenberg Glass Company makes clear glass plates and other glass blanks for decoupagedecoupeursEngravingEtching, and Hand painting.

Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII

Spin Clean is the only record washing system on the market that is a
 'bath type' complete record cleaning system. It provides the ultimate 
in record care, and it's very easy to use. Just spin the record two or 
 three times in the Spin Clean record washing system, remove and wipe
 dry with the special lint-free cloth. Presto, it's clean. Dual velvet brushe
gently and effectively remove dirt particles, cleaning  both sides 
of the  record at one time. Spin Clean removes fingerprints,  grease, 
smoke, film and dirt from any size record: 45s, LPs, and 78s.
 And it removes the static from your record as it is cleaned.
 It leaves no residue on the record to build up and come off on 
your needle later. That's because Spin Clean is the only record 
washing system that has a special washer fluid that encapsulates the
 dirt and keeps the dirt suspended in the system instead of
 re-depositing it back onto the record.


The Most Comfortable & Unique Blanket Available Today and they are made in the USA!

Physician's Pain Relief Cream

Physician’s Pain Relief Cream® is the product of six years of intensive research. 
Our goal was to create the very best topical analgesic pain relief cream tha
t guarantees pain relief or your money back. You can now live an active and 
pain free lifestyle without having to worry about any side effects. The 
developers of Physician’s Pain Relief Cream® rank among the nation leading
 medical experts. The team assembled includes: 

Physician’s Pain Relief Cream® was developed for sports injuries, workout enhancement, joint pain and stiffness, sore muscles, arthritis, back pain relief and more.


Made in Pennsylvania 

Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller/Cultivator - Assembled