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Grandma's® Secret Spot Remover

Posted by Scott Martin on Monday, September 26, 2011,
My wife just tried out Grandma's® Secret Spot Remover. I had tomato sauce and mustard on my new white shirt I bought to wear while doing estimates for my house painting company. A I do not know why painter ware white everything shows up on it like there is a spot light on it!
I had bought this spot remover to try to get what looked like  several motor oil stains on another of my new white shirts. It had already been washed dried and ironed before I found it. I wish we had sen the spot before ...

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I am now accepting products samples for review

Posted by Scott Martin on Monday, September 26, 2011,
I am looking for USA made products to review for this website.
All product will be returned to the company that sends them if!
  1.  They want it back.
  2. They pay for return postage.
  3.  It is not consumed.
I will review clothing, food items, tools and just about everything else. If it is on this website I would be glad to review it here!

Breath not being held.


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