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Since 1819

Posted by Scott Martin on Monday, September 12, 2011 Under: Made in USA
Since 1819 Jacob Bromwell has been making tin products in the USA. The company was founder in 1819 by Jacob Bromwell when he had a idea to produce quality cooking, baking and campfire products. Americans have been using their Jacob Bromwell products for years and passing them to the next generation. My grandmother had a sifter made by them and I think my aunt has it now. I think my mother had one at one time but must have given it away.
Now my wife has a Jacob Bromwell sifter that I bought her this year. She just loves it and it will be past down to someone in the family one day.
I bought us a folding toaster like the one we used camping when I was a kid. Our old one must have been sold at a garage sale. What ever happened to it I bet it still works for someone.
I hope to get a lot more Jacob Bromwell products in the future. I would like everyone in American to at least have one of there products. If you would like to purchase on too please click on my link here or in my store. I will make some money on the sale and you will get it for the same price you would if you had just found it on your own.
God Bless



All-American Flour Sifter - $24.89

Celebrate the art of cooking with America's original flour sifter, perfect for all your favorite recipes.

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