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We need job creation by the private sector not government programs.

Posted by Scott Martin on Tuesday, August 30, 2011
We need job creation by the private sector not government programs.
We need to make it profitable for companies that create the jobs. Government does not create wealth that take it from us!
We need less government rules and regulations that choke business not just manufacturing but the small companies like painters, plumbers and all sorts of small businesses.
We need some kind of tax brakes for companies that bring jobs back to the USA be it manufacturing or call centers.
We need tax increases for companies that have outsource jobs to get cheap labor.
We could use tax rebates for American consumers that buy from American owned companies that make their products in the USA. Maybe like S&H Green Stamps. Us older folks remember them! But these will be American made products stamps and or points like coke points! Collect points/stamps for purchases of Made in USA items spend them or use to help pay your taxes.
We need to tell the UN to go take a hike!
We need to help Americans buy halting most foreign aid. We can not afford it anymore. We do not need to pay to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan.
We need real leadership, not sink the ship then raise it again leadership.
Your comments please.

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